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Botulinum toxin, Azzalure, Bocouture

Botulinum toxin (Btx) is a purified protein protein that softens the muscles where injected. The result is a smoother, younger looking appearance.



My Face Doctor is the renowned and trusted specialist cosmetic clinic in the world famous Harley street London. All treatments are done by a cosmetic and aesthetic specialist doctor who is a UK trained surgeon and general practitioner and hold the respected Memberships of the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of General Practitioners England. He is the best choice for your lines and wrinkles treatment with a face doctor on Harley street.



The most common areas of ant-wrinkle treatment with the skin doctor on Harley street are:

  • Lines and wrinkles on forehead
  • Frown lines, also called the glabella
  • Crow’s feet or smile lines around the eyes, or lines and wrinkles around eyes

Other Areas That Can Be Treated Include:

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Wrinkles around lips, also known as Smokers lines
  • Neck cords and wrinkles on neck (turkey neck)
  • Dropped corner of mouth, giving a sad face look
  • Jaw slimming by correcting the squaring of the jaw due to over-grown jaw muscle, called the masseter
  • Chin dimples or puckering
  • Wrinkling on nose, also known as the Bunny lines
  • Slimming of face also known as the Liquid Nefertiti face lift



With a tiny needle, small measured amounts of the protein are injected into the muscles under the skin where wrinkles are most troublesome. The protein blocks the nerve signal to the muscles and this makes the muscles not wrinkle the skin as hard as they would usually do. The result is smooth wrinkle-free skin.



Millions of people all around the world have been having these anti-wrinkle injections for a long time. The safety of the product is well established.

There are a few rare conditions like myasthenia gravis, which affect muscles, and therefore people with these conditions cannot have this treatment.

The injections are almost painless as we use a very thin and tiny needle and only very small amounts are injected.



Side effects are not common and if they do occur, they are temporary. These may include bruising or tenderness at the injection site, a mild headache and very occasionally the treatment may not work as some people are immune to the effects of Botox.

There is a very small chance of developing a temporary drooping of the eyelid. This can, in many cases, be corrected or helped by injecting the protein in the opposing muscles in the two weeks top-up session. Also, special eye drops can be used to lessen the effect until it wears off naturally.

A lot of people worry about having a frozen face after the treatment. This is related to the injection technique and the amount of protein injected. At My Face Doctor, we always discuss in the consultation prior to treatment as to what kind of effect the clients would like to achieve, and we tailor the treatment technique and the amount injected accordingly. So, based on what the clients are expecting from the treatment, we achieve a subtle change or a more pronounced effect.



For six hours after the anti-wrinkle injection treatment, we would advise to avoid exercise, hot baths or alcohol as these can increase blood flow and dilute the effect. Please do not touch the area injected and do not apply make-up, as this may push the product beyond the intended area.

You will start seeing the effect and the wrinkles will begin to disappear after two or three days. The full results are usually seen in ten to fourteen days. On average, the effects of the treatment last for three to four months, but with repeated treatments the results may last longer.

We always offer a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after the treatment. In this appointment, we review the results and if required we gladly do a top-up. This top-up is free and you will not be charged for this time only.



We offer free, no obligation consultation for all our face lines and wrinkles treatments with our famous anti-wrinkle treatment doctor on Harley street.

£190 one area

£240 two areas

£270 three areas

£50 each for additional areas of face lines or wrinkles, e.g., Bunny lines, Mouth corners, Perioral lines (Smokers lines), Chin dimpling

Please call or email My Face Doctor Harley street to discuss further or book an appointment.

Lines and wrinkles removal on face and neck

What are Facial Lines and Wrinkles?

Lines and wrinkles develop on face due to stress, lack of rest, smoking and age. Btx for removing lines and wrinkles on the face and neck has been a popular cosmetic treatment since the 1980’s and it has revolutionised the aesthetic industry by providing a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment with minimal recovery time and limited health and safety risks.

The most prominent and common lines and wrinkles affecting patients are:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crows’ Feet around the eyes

Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles

The chemical is a purified protein toxin that reduces lines and wrinkles by relaxing the contracted muscles under the skin of the face and neck to restore a smooth aesthetic and a more youthful appearance. With repeated treatments, the muscles learn to slacken over time and will not contract as severely as before. This means that there will be more time between subsequent treatments.

Rest assured that areas of the face that are not treated will not be affected, so you will still be able to smile and perform other facial expressions as normal, but the skin on your problem areas won’t wrinkle as much as they used to before the treatment was administered, thus giving you a youthful appearance.

The treatment is completely non-invasive and has minimal recovery time, so you can resume your normal activities almost immediately after the treatment is performed in our cosmetic clinic in London.

The chemical will break down naturally in the body over time, so the treatment will not be permanent. It does mean that if you want to keep your new youthful appearance you will have to arrange further treatments. It also means that if you are not happy with the results, you are guaranteed that the results are temporary.

The Cost of treatments in London

one treatment area – £180; two areas – £200; three areas – £240.

Please note that only the 2 week top up is included in price. Any subsequent top-ups are charged. In most cases, the effects of the anti-wrinkle injection last for 3-4 months. However, in a few cases, the effect could be shorter than 3 months and some rare cases have compete immunity to the toxin and thus do not show any changes in lines.

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