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Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating is when you sweat excessively in normal situations that don’t involve physical exertion or anxiety. If you sweat profusely when doing normal daily activities and you often worry about visible sweat stains on your clothing, you may be suffering from excessive sweating. If normal antiperspirant deodorants haven’t worked for you and topical treatments prescribed by your GP have been ineffective, then impressive specialist treatments may help combat your underarm sweat problems.

Treatment for Excessive Sweating – How Does It Work

This treatment can be used to help stop the symptoms of excessive underarm sweating when medicines prescribed by your doctor don’t work. The treatments for excessive sweating can temporarily block the signals from the nerves in the underarms which stimulate the sweat glands situated there. The product is injected into the skin of the underarms to temporarily stop these signals from over-stimulating sweat. The treatments can significantly reduce the amount of sweat produced by the glands in the underarms and can allow you to rid yourself of this embarrassing and irritating issue. The treatment for underarm sweating helps to reduce excessive sweating problems in many patients, although it’s worth noting that the sweat does not disappear from the body; you will continue to sweat elsewhere as normal.

Excessive Sweating Treatment – Costs

This specialist treatment for excessive underarm sweating from the My Face Doctor costs £400.

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