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What is Chin Shaping?

The chin is a prominent feature of the face and by improving the appearance and shape of the chin your jawline can be made more pronounced, excess skin can be reduced and the overall aesthetics of the face improved.

Chin shaping treatments can assist people who have less pronounced chins to achieve a sharp and more defined facial profile, in symmetry with the rest of the face.

About the Chin Shaping Treatment

Chin shaping is a non-surgical procedure that involves a dermal filler being injected into the chin area and moulded to ensure a smooth, rounded and defined aesthetic appearance. Dermal filler chin shaping treatments last for about one year and look completely natural. Bruising and swelling will be minimal, as will recovery time. For a long-lasting and subtle chin shaping treatment – choose dermal fillers from My Face Doctor cosmetic clinic in London.

Chin Shaping Costs

Chin shaping treatment at our dermal fillers clinic in London starts at £300.

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