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What are Lip Fillers and Lip Plumping?

Lips are the most prominent feature on face and beautiful lips is every woman’s desire.

At My Face Doctor, we give you a beautiful outline and definition, and a fuller look to your lips. Many people naturally have thin lips and long for more plump lips; others experience lip thinning due to ageing, which causes lips to lose their fullness over time. There is a way to enhance your lips without the need for drastic surgeries. Lips fillers and lip augmentation treatments are non-surgical treatments that involve dermal fillers made from natural or synthetic collagen being injected into the lips to increase their fat content. Lip fillers improve the visual appearance of the lips and make lips look bigger, thus giving the patient a more youthful and attractive appearance. Lip fillers can last for around eight months or more, after which you may require a top-up filler treatment.

botox anti-wrinkle treatment

Traditional facial beauty is achieved through fuller, sensuous and more feminine lips. A popular and safe lip filler such as Restylane® and Juvederm® injections can not only add volume to thin lips but also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on or around the lips.

Lip Fillers Treatment

The lip augmentation treatment involves an expert cosmetic doctor injecting dermal fillers like Juvederm® or Restylane® under the skin of the lips to increase their collagen content and their overall plumpness. Lip augmentation can define the outline of your lips, improve your smile and can make you look years younger too.

Lip Filler/Lip Augmentation Costs

The cost of lip fillers and lip augmentation at one of the top dermal filler clinics in London – My Face Doctor – start at a very reasonable £260 for a consultation, dermal lip filler treatment and post-care advice from our skilled private doctor, Dr Iqbal.

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