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Harley Street Clinic:
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Why Choose Jaw Line Treatment?

As we get older, the jaw line begins to sag, giving a typical ‘U’- appearance compared to the ‘V’ appearance in the young age.

For young people, the jaw line from ear to chin to ear is completely smooth and firm; once the ageing process thins the skin and collagen begins to diminish under the skin, we notice a distinct drooping in the jaw line area. But this is no longer a worry, thanks to the latest technique of restoring the jaw line using dermal fillers.

Jaw Line Treatment – What Does it Involve?

Here at the My Face Doctor, our expert doctor uses a very specialised technique with cannula, where high quality dermal filler is injected into the jaw line, recovering the nice, tight and straight jaw line. Dermal fillers are injected under the skin of the jaw, replacing lost collagen, tightening skin and reducing deep lines and wrinkles.

Jaw Line Treatment – Costs

Dermal fillers for jaw line treatments cost from £300, with our highly qualified doctor, using best quality dermal fillers.

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